Royals earn double win against Wood

Varsity:2-1 Win (3-3-2) JV: 13-2 Win  (8-0-0)

Outstanding performances result in double win.


Outstanding performances result in double win.

Coach Megan Flores, Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

Varsity: Friday, May 21, the Royals battled against Wood in intense game, to say the least. They knew going into the game what they would be up against after the previous match left Armijo at a 2-1 loss.

The boys knew they would have to step up their game and, being down players due to injuries, it was tough. Both teams were going at 100% but the Royals were able to get a goal in during the first half by junior Cesar Molina who curved it over the keeper into the back of the net. Armijo finished the first half with a 1-0 lead over Wood.

The boys were ready to get back in and get another goal. About half way through, the game was pauseddue to an injury and both teams had to try to reset themselves. The Royals were able to find the net again in the last 10 minutes while down one player on the field. The second goal was from a penalty kick in their box which was taken by junior Captain Andy Rodriguez who was able to sneak it by the keeper on the far side of the goal. Wood was able to get a penalty kick of their own from the Royals, which led to them getting a goal past one of the Armijo field players who had to step up to assist in goal. Things continued to be tense but Armijo held their own and finished with a 2-1 Win over Wood.

Junior Varsity (JV): The JV has come out strong every game and this one was no different. Wood players gave it their all and never gave up the entire game, which is very commendable when many teams would usually give up after only three goals. In the first half, Armijo had three goals by sophomore Diego Torres, three goals by sophomore Esteban Carcamo, one from junior Emmanual Padilla Solis, one from Freshman Santiago Alvarez, and one from Junior Salvador Rodriguez. This left it at 9-0 for the first half and, upon return to field, Wood was able to gather themselves and get two goals in quickly in the first 15 minutes.

Armijo’s JV stepped back up to shut down anymore plays from Wood and were able to get four more goals in by Torres, junior Alejandro Godinez, sophomore Jorge Rodriguez, and freshman Edwing Saucedo Pacheco. This left Armijo’s JV with a 13-2 win over Wood and the continuation of their winning streak in their league.

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