Your light can brighten someone’s day

National Random Acts of Light Day – June 13


Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

Blessed? Share your light with those suffering through darkness.

Dayanara Alvarenga, Staff writer

Celebrate kindness against cancer on June 13, National Random Acts of Light Day.

This day encourages us to bring light to the darkness of cancer by surprising someone with an act of kindness.  You can go for a simple visit, walk, or share a fresh bouquet of flowers that might bring light someone struggling with cancer.

National Random Acts of Light Day lets you shine your light on individuals, but it also shines a light on the importance of finding cures and providing access to treatments for blood cancer patients.

When you think you can do nothing to help someone with a diagnosis of cancer, this day tells you otherwise. Cancer is difficult but you can make victims feel better by letting them know you’re there for them. Even if you don’t personally know someone who is currently suffering, you could offer to help a survivor around the house or send encouraging gifts to people at the cancer center at Northbay in Vacaville. Why not check out Northbay Cancer Center and see whose day you can make brighter by a visit or a gift?

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