Varsity struggles, JV dominates against Rod

Var 2-1 Loss(1-3-2)  Jv 4-1 Win (6-0-0)

The goal is to make the goal, and skill is the key.

The goal is to make the goal, and skill is the key.

Coach Megan Flores, Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

 Varsity: Armijo came out strong and managed to get the first goal during the first half by Junior Cesar Molina. However, the Royals began to struggle not long after this and, when a couple players came out injured during the first and second half, they just couldn’t keep up the same level of competition.

The Rodriguez Mustangs took advantage of this weakness and were able to get a goal quickly at the start of the second half and then again about half way through.

Armijo’s Varsity players have been struggling with multiple aspects related to the pandemic, like school, work and injuries due to a condensed season. The boys are doing their best with the hand that’s been dealt to them and Coach Flores is proud of all of those who are sticking through this and continuing to battle each game. “Life isn’t always easy and real strength is shown when you take the bad head on and continue to do your best no matter what,” she said.

Junior Varsity (JV):  Armijo’s JV team is proving themselves to be the team to beat this year in the JV circuit, continuing to win game after game with little competition. This game had a strong showing by newly added JV player Alejandro Godinez with three goals in this game and consistent support from sophomore Diego Torres made the game an easy win.

Freshman Edwing Saucedo Pacheco was able to sink another one in this game at the end of the first half as well, bringing the score to four for Armijo JV.

Rodriguez was able to sneak one in during the second half however, leaving the final score at 4-1.

This JV group has come together quickly and with a strong coach like Coach Alonso Frias leading them they are going to go far this season.

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