One iconic animated family


Photo by Stefan Grage on Unsplash

You might have heard of this entertaining family that brings characteristics from typical families.

Melissa Zepeda, Staff writer

The Simpsons is one of the most popular TV shows, best known for its animated, sarcastic comedy, and, of course, for its long-running history, since 1989.
The cartoon was created in 1987 by Matt Groening, who started drawing cartoon at an early age. The series started as a short cartoon that was played on The Tracey Ullman Show, a program on Fox Broadcasting Company.
The Simpsons later had an upgrade, expanded to an hour, and began airing regularly in January 1990. The road to getting the show to gain popularity was slow, but it finally took off. This also benefited the Fox network as its jumpstarter.
The fictional setting of the show is a town called Springfield, a name that can be found in 34 states across the country. According to The Simpsons, it is about a dysfunctionalfamily in the 1950s, with the main characters are Homer Simpson and his wife Marge.
The couple has three children who never age, despite the length of the show’s run: Lisa is a jazz saxophonist who excels in school; Bart is known for his prankster personality; Maggie is the typical infant who gets away with things when her overwhelmed parents miss her antics. Lisa and Bart behave similarly to their parents. Lisa, like her mother, is responsible, while Bart mirrors his food-loving dad’s behavior, going out and causing havoc. Several side characters are also added on a variety of episodes, including those who were created to cause difficulties for Homer and his family.
The Simpsons heavily influenced other television series over the years. Family Guy, another highly popular show, even did a crossover episode with The Simpsons.
After running for 31 years, The Simpsons came to an end on May 17, 2020. Over the years, the show won 34 Primetime Emmy Awards in four categories, with nominations for over 70 awards (Wikipedia) Despite the show coming to the end, The Simpsons lives on in reruns and can be watched on platforms such as Hulu, YouTube, and many more.

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