So many flavors to try!

At Work: Natalie Aguilar – Jamba Juice



Work is a delicious experience for Natalie.

Kayla Rhodes, School News Editor

Sophomore Natalie Aguilar started working at Jamba Juice in the spring and said that she enjoys her job. “I like that it’s upbeat and I always have something to do,” she said. “Everyone I work with is very positive and has good attitude”.

While she has not tried every drink at her job yet, she said that she is looking forward to the opportunity. Her favorite so far is the Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up, but she also enjoys the Electronic Berry Lemonade.

Agular isn’t making a long-term commitment to the job because she is usually very busy with sports. “I cheer, I run track, and I try to find things to do with my friends,” she said. She thought it might be fun to work with her cheer sisters at Jamba Juice, maybe through the summer before students are expected to return to school.

The pandemic interrupted the way she expected her school year to go, but she still has a couple more years to experience a “normal school year.” After those years are done, Aguilar plans to go to college and eventually become a neonatal nurse.

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