Foods to try while also celebrating Asian American and PI Heritage


Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn on Unsplash

As a way to celebrate this special month, try some new traditional foods from Asian cuisines.

Gilberto Valezuela, Staff writer

In the United States we have a variety of cultures represented around the nation. We’ve celebrated African-American culture in February, Hispanic culture in September / October, and this month we celebrate Asian-Americans and Pacific Islander culture.
As with any culture, Asian-Americans have dishes that reflect their culture. The most common dishes generally start with the preparation of rice. Rice is a staple that is easy to make and is can be added to any meal, or be used for the base of a meal. Rice is very healthy and a very common food source in Asia.
What is added on to rice dishes depends on the region from which they originate. Rice and fish is a very common combination in the Philippines, for instance, while rice with meat is more common in Cambodia.
Asian-American chefs such as Danny Bowien have adopted traditional Asian recipes. In his case, he’s created recipes from South Korea, and made them his own. He’s made super smoky kung-pao pastrami, which involves an American touch on a classic dish.
Bowien is also working towards making this food more accessible. By donating a part of the revenue he makes to local food shelters along with lowering the price of his dishes. You can find out more about that at
There are also traditional recipes for Ramadan, after those who participate are done fasting, some households serve Meshtah bread which its recipe varies among Lebanese villages.
These are few examples compared to how much there are from Asian cultures. With the diversity throughout America and its influence on these traditional recipes, there are bound to be a huge variety to choose from.

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