Love your skin – it’s got you covered

National Healthy Skin Month – November


Image by Marco Duarte from Pixabay

A clean face contributes to overall health.

Teihani McGirt, Staff writer

It is important to maintain a healthy skin routine or regimen and November is set aside to focus on that routine. This November, celebrate National Healthy Skin Month and invest in yourself and your skin health.

Skin problems can impact anyone and can include cancer, acne, sensitive skin, rough skin or dry skin. Each of these conditions is treated differently and can come with different degrees of severity. For information about skin cancer, check out the article last May about Melanoma Monday and Melanoma Awareness Month.

Acne can be treated simply, but may require more than just soap and water. Medicinet  provides some great tips on how to prevent acne and keep it from returning.

Growing up I had my fair share with acne and it made me feel bad about myself. I always had pimples or a scar because of my acne. So my mom tried to help find a solution to my acne problem. We tried many different serums and creams and still none worked, but as I got older my skin only got worse so when I had to try something new. Finally we found the perfect thing and now I feel so much better about myself.

While acne is one of the most common issues among teens, it is not the only issue that we face. Do you suffer from sensitive skin? There are ways to deal with that condition. Check out these handy steps to care for your skin at

If rough or dry skin is your issue, the American Academy of Dermatology offers many helpful hints on how to bring back that softness that seems to vanish when the weather turns toward summer.

Whether or not you recognize personal issues with skin health, be sure to take care of your skin now so that you can reap the rewards. Start in November with National Healthy Skin Month .