African culture is in danger

African World Heritage Day – May 5


Photo by Ian Macharia on Unsplash

Honor the culture by learning more about it.

When UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) hosted its 38th annual General Conference held in 2015, African World Heritage Day was first proclaimed as a National Day, but why did UNESCO create this day?

It is celebrated on May 5 and was created with the goal of preserving Africa’s heritage.  African World Heritage Day is designed to ensure the legacy is passed onto future generations (UNESCO).

African World Heritage Day gives people the opportunity to celebrate Africa’s unique and beautiful cultural heritage, a heritage that is in danger of disappearing because of “Civil unrest and instability, uncontrolled development, lack of investment in its safeguarding, and threats of climate change” (

People around the world celebrate this day in unique ways, so what are some ways you can celebrate Africa’s heritage? You could watch a movie that was filmed in Africa, like Goodbye Bafana, Beat the Drum, or Out of Africa. If you’re more into reading instead of watching, you could read about famous historic sites, including the Isimila Stone Age Site in Tanzania!

Take a few minutes – or a few hours – today to honor African World Heritage Day and the influences the culture has had on the planet as a whole.