What’s in Batman’s tool belt?


Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

People tend to miss Batman’s tool belt while watching the movies. Continue reading to find out what’s in it.

Elijah Shackleford, Staff writer

We all know who Batman is, the caped crusader whose superpower is his vast wealth. He fights the criminals of Gotham City using his advanced knowledge of the martial arts and his trusty tool belt. But what exactly is on his tool belt?
Batman’s tool belt was originally introduced as a concept in the comic series Detective Comics back all the way in 1939, according to Wikipedia. It was described as a bright yellow-colored belt with matching yellow capsules along it. But what exactly is inside his tool belt? Let’s find out.

The Batarang (1939)

Batman’s trusty tool. When close combat isn’t an option, Batman can count on his trusty Batarangs to close the distance. These bat-shaped collapsible weapons are one of Batman’s most notorious devices appearing in multiple comics, movies, and video games. It serves as both a weapon and in the role of a boomerang. It is also known from time to time to adapt characteristics such as becoming remote-controlled or being imbued with electric properties.

The Batclaw (2009)

As Batman traveled around the Arkham looking for crime he can rely on his trusty Batclaw to get him where he needs. The Batclaw was first introduced as a game mechanic in Batman: Arkham Asylum (released 2009) to help batman zip to different objectives or advantage points around the map. It would continue to be used in the game series in following games such as Batman: Arkham City or Batman: Arkham Knight

Smoke Bombs (2013)

Whether Batman is outnumbered in a fight or he needs a quick getaway, he can rely upon his smoke grenades to even the odds. It was first featured in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins as a way for batman to quickly avoid conflict.
These three tools only make up a fraction of Batman’s arsenal. Batman will always keep himself prepared with items such as ballistic gel or even kryptonite (the weakness of fellow justice league member Superman) at all times. What Batman may lack in superpowers he makes up with his strategic mind and always being prepared, and he couldn’t accomplish that without his trusty utility belt.
If you’d like to know more about the items on Batman’s utility belt, check out the information on Wikipedia.

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