A shortened season kept her running

Athlete focus – Cristina Leanos


Cristina Leanos

Practice involves quiet, peaceful trails like this.

Kayla Rhodes, School News Editor

“I have always enjoyed running so being in a sport mainly dealing with running seemed like a logical choice,” said Cristina Leanos. “I also think that cross-country brings out good sportsmanship.”

Leanos started running for the team in her freshman year and now, as a junior, she continues to keep the pace. “As for outside, I´ve been running since sixth grade in my middle school team,” she said. It was because of a middle school friend that she became interested in the sport. “I have had the pleasure to run at the Cross-Country Subsections and Section championships last year.”

While she has matched some school records, she hasn’t broken any yet. “Hopefully I get to as some point,” she said.

The season this year was postponed, but it finally happened in March. “I missed a good portion of invitationals due to COVID, and I feel a bit behind since I normally would have had more running in over the summer with the team, but I think the season is going as best it could considering the circumstances,” said Leanos. “Either way, I plan on running track as well.”

The track season will also be shortened, but Leanos said that she would have run in both sports this school year, even if they had been held in the traditional calendar. She would encourage people to try out for sports any year. “Don’t overthink it and just give it a try,” she said. “You can ask people about it but you won’t know until you try.”

Leanos has been running for years and she plans to continue in college, although she is not sure where that will be.

“My most memorable meet would probably have to be the Bella Vista Bronco Invitational,” said Leanos. “I enjoyed the course and overall the meet went well for the majority of the team… [Cross-country has] been a great outlet for me and I have enjoyed it throughout so many years. I hope to continue for as long as possible and have the team to thank for my experiences thus far.”

Besides running, she is involved in the International Club and is planning to get into ROTC again. “Other than that, I also enjoy exploring genres of music when I can. As a hobby I’m trying to teach myself how to play the guitar, she said.

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