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At Work – Donovan Guillen

Schools important, but work pays the bills.

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School’s important, but work pays the bills.

Donovan Guillen, who works at North Bay Truck Center, has figured out a way to balance his work responsibilities with school responsibilities.

“I took the job I have because I wanted to get out of the house, and I wanted to have some money to save and spend,” he said. His paycheck helps him out, but he also uses some of his money to help his family. “I help my parents with what I get paid at work,” he said. “I know it may not be much, but I help them a lot and they appreciate it.”

The job has given him the chance to learn a lot of different skills and it has provided a lot of variety. “Depending on which job, it isn’t as difficult,” he said. “I have never really had the feeling that I didn’t want to work.”

The pandemic has changed some of the expectations, but he has felt comfortable at work, following the rules and learning the ropes. He is no stranger to having to wear a mask when going in and out of his job. He understands that it is for his safety and well-being, and it hasn’t discouraged him.

Guillen has a lot of responsibilities at his job, all of which involve developing bonds with his boss and other employees at the Center. “I have never really had a conflict with the manager ever in my job,” he said. He gets along well with his co-workers and helps them out whenever he can because he knows how important that is. “I would say my work ethic is good,” Guillen said. “I do what I need to do and I complete it on time.”

As things are starting to open up, the opportunities for Guillen at work will also expand. If he continues to keep the balance between his responsibilities of school and work, it should be a good year for him and his finances.