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All in a name – Turn to Paige

Paige Dillon shared her experience in an interview.

Paige Dillon shared her experience in an interview.

What do Quincy David, Julia Inks and Paige Dillon have in common besides their gender and that they are all three students at Armijo? They’re not in the same grade and they only have one teacher in common (David and Dillon both have Art with Ms. Geluz, but different periods).

They may have a few things in common, but one of the most obvious is the name Paige. For David, it is part of her first name; for Inks, her middle name, which is fitting considering her last name.

Dillon obviously has it as a first name and she was able to tell us more about herself in a recent email interview. She said that her mother gave her the first name based on a character on a TV show that her mother had liked when she was a teenager. “I’ve never met anyone with my name,” said Dillon. “There has to be people out there with it. I just haven’t come across them yet.”

While her name is uncommon, it does get a common response when people hear it. “Usually when someone first hears my name, they make a joke about my name being a piece of paper from a book,” Dillon said. “They always think they’re original which they are not. It’s usually something like, ‘Turn the page’ or ‘What page are you on?’”.

She’s so used to those comments that she has a regular response. “When people ask me what page I’m on, I usually reply with ‘Chapter 18’ or whatever age I am when they ask,” she said.

This chapter in her life has been challenging. “COVID-19 has impacted a lot of things. I’m a senior who never really made a single senior school memory,” she said. “I don’t ever get to experience prom, or waking the stage, or a grad trip. My whole senior year consisted of sitting in my bed waiting for it to hit 12:30.”

Before COVID hit last spring, she planned on playing Powder Puff football, like she had in her sophomore year. This year, she said that she is trying to play tennis “just to get out of the house or to make some memories before my high school experience comes to an end.”

While her memories of high school have been affected by the virus, she is part of an Armijo legacy. “My uncle Kris Elkin graduated in 2015 and made it in to the wrestling champions’ leaderboard that is in the small gym,” she said.

Her future looks bright, even if her past has been dulled. “I’m still looking into what I want to do, but as of right now I’m looking into air traffic control, which only need a couple years of specific schooling and in job training.”

And as for whether or not her name is ideal for her, she said this: “Since I was little, I’ve always liked the name Gwen because of the cartoon Total Drama Island, but now that I’m older, I would love to change my name to Audrey because I think it is a really pretty name.”

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