They’re not just for rain protection

National Umbrella Month – March


Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

Smile and celebrate the umbrella all month long.

Oliver Arafelis, Staff writer

While National Umbrella Day was celebrated on February 10, it is necessary to wait until March showers to celebrate National Umbrella Month. Both events celebrate the same thing: umbrellas.

The average household is to have an average of 3.8 umbrellas, according to National Day Calendar. While the saying says, “March winds bring April showers,” many think that Thomas Edward Knibb originated National Umbrella Month in March to make everyone ready for those upcoming showers.

Umbrellas can be used for a variety of purposes and, while keeping the rain off is the first that comes to mind, umbrellas can also be used for a decor in your backyard or as a way to keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay.

During March, you might send a post on social media under #NationalUmbrellaMonth, but suggests lots of other things you can do during this month:

  1. Buy a colorful umbrella to brighten your day.
  2. Learn a new dance, like the one Gene Kelly did in Singing in the Rain or one of the traditional dances in China and Japan which incorporate the use of a good umbrella.
  3. Get to know the history of the umbrella (it’s really quite interesting!) (
  4. Look at umbrellas in art. “Look at many of the paintings throughout history in the different nations around the world and you will be able to see all of the different umbrellas which have been used,” says Days of the Year.
  5. Go out in the rain. We don’t get a lot of it in California, but it is definitely worth enjoying. “Your dry clothes will be a great reminder of how fortunate we are to have these devices in our lives,” Days of the Year explains.

If you have a collection of umbrellas, you can go one step further. Donate pieces of your assortment to a homeless shelter or Goodwill so that others can enjoy them this month. Also, find the rainbow after the storm.

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