The Fairfield PAL Career Cafe is accepting student applications


Get your fresh blend of job skills—and earn a $1,200 stipend in only 80 hours!

Heather Rae Sanderson, Fairfield PAL Coordinator

The PAL Works! Career Café Program prepares local teens to build job skills and a career road map that will enable them to get a head start in the employment sector and career development.  Teens selected for the program receive 60 hours of job exposure and 20 hours of strengths-based training.  Fellows who successfully complete the program are eligible for a $1,200 stipend scholarship.

Certain eligibility requirements apply.  For more information or to request an application, please call 422 6288 or email us at [email protected].  Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.  This program is made possible with support from the Solano County Community Investment Fund.

The Fairfield PAL Program is open to Fairfield, Suisun, and Travis Students enrolled ages 13-18 who are enrolled in school. Memberships are FREE and can be applied for at the Fairfield Community Center by calling (707) 428-7435.

PAL uses traditional recreational programming to create an environment that draws young people to support the development of the social and emotional skills required to promote a positive self-identity and become productive and engaged members of our community.  By offering teens programs they are interested in and choices, it becomes possible to slip in pro social skill building and development utilizing youth development practices and techniques.

For more information about these PAL activities, please call 707-422-6288 or visit the program’s webpage at under the Quick Links or follow us in real time by visiting the program’s Facebook page at @Fairfieldpal1, Twitter at @pal-fairfield, and Instagram at ff_pal_center

2021 Intern Application

What are past fellows saying?

“Having completed the Career Café, I feel better prepared to start working!”

 “The lesson that stuck with me the most was the fact that a team doesn’t revolve around one person. In the Capstone Project, I really came to see how teamwork is really a lot about how you handle communication.”

 “The Career Café had a lasting impact on me.  It has really motivated me to keep working on my strengths!”

 “The part about “closing the communication” loop was important to me.”

 “The part about how to ask for help was the best thing for me.  I didn’t know there were 5 steps to how professionals asks for help.  When you know, it’s a lot easier.”

 “I decided to join the Career Café because I need some help preparing for a career….and this program did exactly what I need.”

 “The Career Café just helped me.  We talked about how to deal with people at work….but the ideas work with my friends and family too!”

 “I never thought about what you have to do after you get a job.  Learning about the ‘secret sauce’ to get promoted really impacted me.”

 “For me, the Career Café helped a lot.  I have a lot more confidence in talking to people now.  I feel like I learned a lot about talking to people and problem solving.”

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