Friends leave a lasting impression

Senior spotlight – Jose Bejarano

Jose never expected this senior year off campus.

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Jose never expected this senior year off campus.

Isabella Asher, Staff writer

Jose Bejarano’s high school career is winding down after four years at Armijo, but he hasn’t wasted his time. Bejarano has been involved in ROTC and has gone to Homecoming, which is one of his favorite experiences. “That was my first school event that I’ve ever attended and it was the best experience ever,” he said.

He made memories through both ROTC and attending Homecoming, but it was the day-to-day experiences that will leave a lasting impression. He said that the thing that he is going to miss the most is “hanging out with my friends and simply that high school experience.”

He was enjoying that on campus until a year ago. “COVID has completely changed my senior year,” he said. “I didn’t really get to experience my senior year like the classes before me, and we might not even have a prom.”

Now he can look back on his four years and see growth. If he were to give advice to students just starting high school, he would tell them, “Enjoy your time here at Armijo. They weren’t lying when they said time was going to fly by. Make sure to have a good time and take time to really take in the experience.”

With high school almost behind him, he has found some time to plan out his future. “I plan on self-educating… with books about investing in the stock market and real estate. It’s something that really has my attention,” he said,

Some other things that have kept his attention are learning to play guitar and playing soccer for fun.

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