A special day for male children, more

National Sons Day – March 4


Image by simple_tunchi0 from Pixabay

Your brother, his parents, your paternal grandmother… all can be honored.

National Sons Day is traditionally celebrated on March 4, according to National Today. And while you can honor your parents for the challenges they have faced with your brothers, you might also consider what goals you might set for any sons you might have in the future. National Sons Day reminds us to plan for our future children, considering high standards for future sons. As gender roles are changing faster than ever now, this would be a great time to teach sons proper respect and what not.

Even though the name has “Sons” in it, you technically don’t need a son to celebrate this National Day. You could start by showing your care towards someone’s son, such as your own sibling, or even your own friend! You can express appreciation for your father’s mother for the job she did with your father, or you can praise the mother or father of one of your nephews.

As the National Day Archive says, National Sons Day is a fairly new holiday, just being created in 2018 by Jill Nico, who created this day to celebrate the significance of being and raising sons.

Many sons will become fathers, role models, and leaders, but, the most important reason this day was created was because many boys don’t have father figures, but these boys are still sons. So Nico created this day so all sons, with father figures or not, will feel appreciated and have their own special day.

(National Sons Day is also celebrated at the end of September, according to https://whatnationaldayisit.com/day/Son/#.)