Two students shine in Armijo’s galaxy

All in a Name – Star


Image by Angeles Balaguer from Pixabay

Both Trinity Star and Leilani Star shine bright at Armijo.

Twinkle, twinkle, little Stars. Let us tell you who they are…

While this issue of The Armijo Signal is focused on Space, it may be surprising to learn that two students, both freshmen, have the middle name Star. Trinity Star Castaneda was unavailable for an interview, but Leilani Star Roberts had a lot to share about herself and her name.

For starters, in Roberts’s household, middle names say a lot. Her twin sister, Kalani, has the middle name Sky, which pairs nicely with her own middle name. Her younger sister is named Jordyn Rain Roberts.

“My mother was really in to nature and so she decided to give her kids nature middle names,” said Roberts. Her cousin Nevaeh Villanueva, whose name is Heaven spelled backward, also attends Armijo.

Often, when people find out about her middle name, they either say it is an interesting name or they make a face.

While her middle name is unusual, her first name is slightly more common. “At my old school there were two Leilani’s and two Kalani’s and one of them was a twin!” she said. “And all of us hung out so we had to give each other nicknames so we wouldn’t get confused.” She also knew a pair of twins whose first names, Star and Sky, were the same as the middle names that she and her twin have. “That was extremely weird.”

Being a freshman during Distance Learning has been a challenge. “It has definitely been difficult for me trying to adjust to the homeschooled environment, but I survived one year and I think I can survive another,” she said. Fortunately, she has been able to rely on her sister to share some of the school work.

Sports have not been on Roberts’s agenda, but she has found a way to be involved in improving Armijo. “I do attend the Building a Budget meetings,” she said.

Even though she is only a freshman, she has already considered her future. “I have been thinking about going to Silverado Cooking,” Roberts said. “When I graduate I want to have my own bakery or coffee shop.”

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