SpaceX plans on launching passengers into space soon


Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

SpaceX’s manned flight will be historical and another step closer to future endeavors,

Jayla Wixom, Staff writer

While travels to the moon were popular in the ‘60s, space exploration continues to expand across the solar system.
SpaceX was founded on May 6, 2002 and they have launched several rockets so far, but their goal is to have passengers on upcoming launches.
Jared Isaacman, an entrepreneur billionaire, plans to serve on an upcoming flight, one that he hopes to take place as early as this year. According to Wikipedia, “the flight will occur on an autonomously-operated SpaceX Crew Dragon 2 spacecraft launched by a Falcon 9 launch vehicle, and is slated to occur no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2021.”
Isaacman has bought additional seats that he intends to donate to the St. Jude Children’s Research hospital for a chosen ambassador and one to be raffled off as a fundraiser for the same organization ( The raffle is expected to be $1 per ticket, the same cost as some lottery tickets, but with a very unique winning opportunity.
Despite the fact that actual people are scheduled to go on this mission, the first not commissioned by an actual government, CEO Elon Musk will not. “I’ll be on a flight one day, but not this one,” he said (
SpaceX tourists will be expected to pay up to $55 million for their journey. Before travel, they will have to have some training for “emergency preparedness, microgravity training and space suit training.”

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