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Senior spotlight – Kedra Medrano

Wisdom has been one of the outcomes of COVID.

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Wisdom has been one of the outcomes of COVID.

Jordan Scrivens, Staff writer

“I’d say my feelings about graduating are bittersweet,” said senior Kedra Medrano. “I think I’m definitely ready to be done with school, but I am a little sad that I didn’t get to experience a proper senior year.”

COVID has had an impact on everybody, but seniors who have spent their entire educational experience preparing for their final year in high school have struggled physically, emotionally, and socially, and Medrano is no exception. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been planning out her future with an eye on returning to “normal.”

She intends to take her general education courses at Solano Community College before transferring either to San Diego State or Sacramento State, with an ultimate goal of becoming a nurse.

“I am in full IB this and, let me tell you, it has been rough,” she said. “Finding motivation is challenging, but I also find it harder to do IB not being surrounded by fellow IB students. I never realized how much I relied on the support of my classmates and friends by just sitting in a class with them. When you actively see other people having the same struggles as you and successes as you, at least for me, it helps to keep you motivated and feel not so alone.”

Medrano has been a devoted student and it has paid off for her in the long run. “Armijo has prepared me for college, mostly with the IB program. I think the workload and time management skills that you have and learn in IB will definitely aid in my college experience,” she said.

Lessons learned on campus have not been restricted to those taught in the classroom, however. “I also think Armijo has been helpful in giving education about college and has been good about giving resources to learn and prepare for college.” Much of the resources available come from Ms. Sandy Anderson in the College and Career Center.

“I think I’ve grown a lot in the last 4 years. I think I’ve matured in a sense that I don’t take life so seriously and I’ve learned that the little things might matter in the moment, but later on they’re going to mean nothing,” Medrano said.

“I’ve also learned that there are so many different types of people who have different ways of thinking and everyone just makes the best decision they feel in the moment,” she said. “I think failing and disappointment are important to grow and you should focus on supporting the people around you who support you, too.”

Before COVID closed the campus, it was easy for people to take the day-to-day routine for granted, but this year has been an eye-opener. “I think what’s changed the most is my perspective on life, it’s meaning, and knowing that there are different people who live different experiences and walks of life,” she said.

Medrano appreciates those memories that were created during her earlier years at Armijo and the support she got from them. “Combining all the times teachers have said ‘just breathe, you’ll be fine’ before a test, or family says, ‘just do your best’ when it comes to school, or when friends say ‘just have fun,’ I’ve gathered that the meaning of life is to just experience. Having good times and bad times is inevitable, so might as well just be present in the moment and have that experience.”

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