This college is out of this world

College focus – CalTech


Challenges and rewards are to be found here.

Jared Ramil, Staff writer

It is hard to think about science without thinking about NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratories, or JPL. This educational facility, also known as Caltech, is a private research university in Pasadena.

The California Institute of Technology is known for its teaching in science, technology, and engineering. The Department of Aerospace at Caltech has developed intense research that has evolved to include biosystems engineering and a broad range of integrated experiments, theory, and simulations.

The faculty of the Aerospace program has won numerous awards such as The William F. Ballhaus Prize and The Charles Babcock Memorial Award. It offers experimental facilities and computational capabilities.

Notable alumni of the GALCIT include Theodore von Kármán, a 20th century Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer, and physicist, and Qian Xuesen, a Chinese mathematician, cyberneticist, aerospace engineer, and physicist.

Students who are interested in seeking a career that reaches for the stars are encouraged to visit to find out more about this prestigious university.

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