Love your pet and treat him well

National Love Your Pet Day – February 20 & National Dog Biscuit Day and World Spay Day – February 23


Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

This holiday is just a reminder of our role every day.

Yaniece Walker, Staff writer

You’re probably thinking why is there a specified date as to when and why you should love your pet… well, the truth is, there isn’t. You should love your pet unconditionally every day as if it was a family member of yours, because it is.

Sometimes pets aren’t lucky enough, though, to get blessed with a wonderful, caring, loving family, but then the time does come around that they’re loved unconditionally and uncontrollably and National Love Your Pet Day on February 20 is the perfect day to recognize that connection..

A lot of animals around the world have had traumatic life experiences or a hard life, but all animals need love, all animals need affection. Cats should be treated with the same love as dogs, cows, snakes, rabbits, elephants, and hamsters should all get the same amount of love.

If you don’t have a pet to love on National Love Your Pet Day, this would be a great time to visit the animal shelter or the SPCA and find one. During this pandemic, it’s great to have some sort of companion. It can be very hard getting through these tough times alone. With people losing family members everyone deserves affection and comfort from someone or something.

And if you are able to find that special someone, or something, you might want to set February 23 aside when you can celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day and World Spay Day.

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