Three high school students, one home

Sibling spotlight: the Johnson trio

Donald Johnson

“I think having siblings on campus with me is great,” said freshman Wisdom Johnson, who shares the campus with her older brother Donald and her twin Jericho. “People could tell I had siblings because they looked like me and I looked like them.”

Her brother David has a slightly different perspective.  “I’d like to think the best thing about having siblings on campus with me would be the fact I can protect and guide them a little better, so I know and can see how well they’re doing in school,” he said. “We will not be sharing classes because I am 3 years older, however, we do share a teacher. My sister Wisdom has Mr. Blum, like me but for 6th period. I have his 5th period.”

While being together on campus will be great, if we ever return to in person learning this year, there are still drawbacks. “The worst thing about them being on campus with me is anything negative that they get tied in automatically brings me in as well,” said Donald.

Wisdom Johnson

For Wisdom, it there are also negatives. “The worst thing about sharing a campus with them is they might embarrass me,” she said.

Wisdom and Jericho have shared some campuses and David and Jericho attended Matt Garcia together back when it was a 6th – 12th grade program. Wisdom was homeschooled for a while but also attended school with at least one brother at a time at “Suisun Elementary, Cleo Gordon, Crystal, and Armijo with them,” she said. 

Wisdom said that she might attend the same college, but Donald sees things differently. “We do not plan to attend the same college we have different career paths,” he said.

His career path is leading him to Solano Community College, and he hopes to make music, cut hair, and serve in my church. Wisdom hopes to go to college and get a job. She also is interested in music and wants to be a music artist and songwriter. “What is interesting to me is music right now,” she said. “My hobbies are playing the piano, guitar, writing songs, and doing photography. Also my favorite movie I would say Joseph King Of Dreams.” She also enjoys staying at home and reading her Bible.  

Distance Learning has provided some surprises for the Johnson siblings. “COVID has impacted my life in a way I never thought because I actually miss school,” said Donald. “Looking at computers all day for work messes with my eyes, and I don’t like the limited ways to contact my teachers. They don’t respond as much to their notifications. I’d like to come back to campus.” For fun during this pandemic, he said, “I chill out at home for the most part, or go to Heritage Park and pick up a game of football.”

Wisdom has a different perspective on Distance Learning. “COVID-19 has affected my life by not being able to see my family members,” she said. “I don’t want to go back to school because I like working from home. I’m not involved in any clubs.”

Next year, once Donald has graduated, there will still be three Johnson siblings attending Armijo. Their youngest sister, Rhema, is currently attending Crystal Middle School.

Jericho Johnson

When Wisdom considered what her brothers would say about her, she had some positive ideas. “I think they would say that I’m a hard worker and beautiful, kind, encouraging and loyal,” she said. “I think they would say that because most of the time they say that.” 

Donald on the other hand, said that he felt the twins would say that he’s “a goofy brother, just because I’ll go out of my way to mess with them.”

Jericho did not respond to requests for an interview.


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