You know you want to pop it!

National Bubble Wrap Day – January 25


Image by pank2y from Pixabay

The temptation is great to celebrate early.

Sequoia Tathum, Staff writer

“Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, producing air- filled hemispheres provide cushioning for fragile items. Bubble Wrap is a generic trademark owned by sealed Air Corporation,” according to Wikipedia.  While its purpose is to wrap and protect fragile items, it can be used for just about anything and that’s why we celebrate National Bubble Wrap Day on January 25.  It’s a holiday that celebrates the product known for packing and popping.

Shockingly, bubble wrap was an accidental invention.  Two inventors tried sealing a pair of shower curtains together, which created air bubbles, in an attempt to make wallpaper.  Selling the wallpaper was a failure, and so was the second attempt at selling it as insulation for greenhouses.  If it weren’t for their failures, however, we wouldn’t have this popular product.

In addition to being a packing material, bubble wrap is commonly used to help reduce stress.  Popping the bubbles is a satisfying feeling and the noise when you pop it is also considered satisfying.  It can be used as a stress reliever, or just a fidget toy.

Believe it or not, bubble wrap almost became an official toy, although it never went through. However, there are toys like a Pop It, which can be used for the same purpose as popping actual bubble wrap.  There are also many apps to play with bubble wrap digitally, which provides an infinite amount of bubble wrap sensation, including Pop Now! and Bubble Wrap Popping Relax Game.

There are a few ways to celebrate National Bubble Wrap Day. Why not make an outfit out of bubble wrap, grab some of the big bubble wrap and roll around in it, or simply sit in a chair and play with it.

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