Wrap your arms around someone close

National Hugging Day – January 21


Image by Westfale from Pixabay

Hugs aren’t necessarily restricted to people.

Chrilyn Monroe, Staff writer

Social distancing will have quite an impact on how you can celebration National Hugging Day this year, but that might make next year’s celebration even more precious.

Hugging is important because it shows people that you care, but when COVID-19 is in play, it is not recommended that you hug anyone outside of your own household. That means your best friend, your girlfriend or your boyfriend probably shouldn’t receive the squeeze that is used to celebrate this day, but you might be able to hug your father or your sister and make their day.

If there’s not another person that you want to hug to celebrate this day, perhaps you can hug a family pet or wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug.

National Hugging Day is on January 21 and, according to www.NationalDayCalendar.com, it was created in 1986 in Clio, Michigan. The person who started the holiday was Kevin Zaborney.  Too bad we can’t thank him with a great big hug!

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