Two sisters, one unique voice

Sibling spotlight – Kaylie and Khalia Reyes


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Khalia (top) and Kaylie have a great relationship together.

Vivica Shaw, Staff Writer

Kaylie Reyes can see both the positives and the negatives of sharing the spotlight with her sister Khalia at Armijo. 

“The best thing about having a sibling on campus will be the idea that I will always have someone that has my back,” she said. Reyes is a freshman and, while her sister is a senior, they are both experiencing Distance Learning for the first time. 

If we return to campus this spring, Reyes is looking forward to her sister’s guidance. “, if I ever get lost on campus or if I need help with anything, my sister is the type of sibling that will drop everything she’s doing just to come help,” she said. The last time the girls shared a campus, it was at Holy Spirit, a much smaller school where everyone knew each other. 

It’s not all good, though. “The worst thing about sharing the campus with my sister might be that she will boss me around and act like the superior sibling in front of her friends,” Reyes said.

Reyes isn’t sure if she and her sister will end up at the same college, although they both intend to continue their education. “I like to keep my options open for what profession I would like to do in the future,” she said, “but right now I am interested in jobs that are either in the medical field or engineering.” 

Her first year of high school has been interesting, to say the least. “COVID-10 has affected my experience at Armijo tremendously. Because this is such an unprecedented time, I believe that all the teachers and students are trying their best to keep up with all the work getting thrown at us every day… it is extremely difficult to stay motivated and on top of assignments. I am definitely ready to get back to campus, but I am still willing to take the precautions that are needed to stay safe and healthy,” Reyes said. “It’s difficult to make friends and create a bond with the teachers.”

Reyes has made some connections in spite of the pandemic. She has played on a club volleyball team since she was in third grade and hopes to be on the Armijo Varsity volleyball squad this year as a freshman. Her sister also plays volleyball and Reyes would like to be on the same team while at Armijo.

While Khalia did not respond for an interview, Reyes did share that she and her only sister are very close. “She’s not only a sister to me, but she’s my best friend,” Reyes said. “I trust her with everything and she has always been someone I could go to for advice. If I didn’t have her as a sibling, I honestly don’t know where I would be right now. 

“I’m truly blessed and grateful to have someone so understanding, silly, kind and genuine to be called my sister. I think God for her every day… but don’t tell her I said that because she’ll get a big head and tease me about it.”

Reyes also said that she tries her best to be there for Khalia, and it isn’t likely that it has gone unnoticed.


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