Stairway to kindness

Noteworthy staff member – Mr. Steven Haynes


Photo by Emmanuel Phaeton on Unsplash

Whether from the pulpit or the pushcart, Mr. Haynes’s message is consistent.

Maria Verduzco, Staff Writer

Within Armijo we have a humble staff member who often goes unnoticed. Custodian Steven Haynes, a hard worker, serves as a custodian on campus, but also as a pastor at the Community Christian Church in Fairfield.

Mr. Haynes has been a pastor since he was 22. He started off being mentored by others at church and eventually became a youth pastor. He was a youth pastor for 32 years.

In 2004, Mr. Haynes became a pastor for the Community Christian Church. He has been a pastor there for 17 years. As a pastor, he knows the word and the calling of God.

Within his years of being a pastor, Mr. Haynes has learned a variety of things. He has become patient, developed skills as a good listener, and provided a helping hand for the youth of the church as well as the students at Armijo.

He manages to be a custodian while still fulfilling his pastor duties. However, he believes his mission continues in Armijo to create a more amicable school environment. Mr. Haynes values the opportunity to share his faith with others at both school and church. For him, that is his best reward of being a pastor.

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