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At work – Emmanuel Garcia (Fresh ‘N Fitted)

Emmanuel has a history at Fresh 'N Fitted.

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Emmanuel has a history at Fresh ‘N Fitted.

Susana Munguia, Staff Writer

For the past six months, Emmanuel Garcia has been working at Fresh ‘N Fitted, located at the Solano Town Center Mall

Garcia, a 17-year old senior, has already advanced to the position of assistant manager. Prior to Garcia getting hired at Fresh ‘N Fitted, he already  “knew his co-workers since I used to cash out at Fresh ‘N Fitted,” he said. 

Garcia has worked up to 75 hours every two weeks, but usually works from 1pm to 8 pm. He also is able to clock in plenty of overtime. 

 “When I get a day off, I like spending it with the homies,” he said. 

Overall Garcia loves his job. His favorite part is blasting the music, although “sometimes the music is too loud and my ears hurt.” He also enjoys socializing with his coworkers and customers. 

Although he enjoys his job, he has had some scary encounters. “Crazy customers go off on my coworkers and me,” he said. There are other drawbacks to working at Fresh ‘N Fitted, too. Garcia and his coworkers often have to stand for long periods of time and it’s not as fun when customers are rude. Even though Garcia has had some crazy experiences, he said, “It has taught me how to run a store and how to deal with my own problems.” 


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