Religion practiced around the world


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Most relgions feature prayer or some other form of meditation.

Le’Mia Spencer, Staff writer

According to Soft Schools (, Christianity is a religion based upon Jesus of Nazareth’s life and teachings. Over 31% of people on earth consider themselves Christians. That’s equal to over 2.2 billion followers! Tradition says that Jesus, the son of God, was born in 7 BC on Christmas Day and began teaching in Galilee after his thirtieth year on earth. Today, there are 41,000 Christian churches around the world.
Originating in Mecca, the Islam religion is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion teaching that Muhammad is a messenger of God, which is very similar to Christianity except the messenger isn’t Jesus.
Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with 1.8 billion followers, which is 24.1% of the world’s population. From April 12 to May 11, the followers of Islam fast from food, celebrating a month called Ramadan. According to, it is celebrated as the month during which Muhammad received the initial revelations of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims.
According to, “Judaism is an ethnic religion comprising the collective religious, cultural and legal tradition and civilization of the Jewish people. It is “considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the agreement that God established with the children of Israel.”
One of their primary holidays is Hanukkah, which means “dedication” in Hebrew, according to This holiday celebrates the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem after it was retaken by the Maccabees, a group of Jewish warriors, from the Greeks in the 2nd century BCE.
This religion isn’t as popular as Christianity and Islam, with only 0.18% of the world’s population, but the Jews consider themselves the Chosen People and they have had a major impact on our current society.

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