Seven days to search for joy

Hunt for Happiness Week – January 17 to 23.


Image by Murtaza Ali from Pixabay

What will make you happy? Start searching!

Kayla Xiong Vang, Staff writer

Despite the differences within each and every person, happiness is needed in all of our lives, and happiness comes from many sources. That’s why we celebrate Hunt for Happiness Week from January 17-23.

“Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being,” according to also tells us that, not only does mental health affect our emotional state, but how we take care of ourselves in doing things throughout our daily lives.

The World Happiness Summit informs us that, “[…] A review of more than 160 studies found ‘clear and compelling evidence’ that happier people have better overall health and live longer than their less happy peers.” ( Not only does happiness affect individuals, but society as a whole.

To start off a new year, the Society of Happy People created this week in 2001 to “encourage people to actively look for more happiness.” (

The Delivering Happiness blog tells us that “some people have post-holiday blues, winter weather happiness challenges, or spring break seems like it will never arrive.” (

Finding happiness or a happiness booster is the purpose of this week. To celebrate, provides us the social media tag, #HuntforHappinessWeek, to share your happiness and encourage others to join as well. Starting off this year with a positive outlook is especially important after 2020’s craziness. As our lives changed drastically and we experienced a “new normal,” Hunt for Happiness Week gives us a hope for a better outlook.

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