Two of a kind sisters share their bond

Sibling spotlight: Faustina and Flora Wan

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

Faustina Wan

Identical twins Faustina and Flora Wan have gone to the same school since they started pre-school. Faustina Wan said, “People get confused with me and my sibling pretty often, but most of our close friends don’t get confused between us.”

While there are many siblings who go to the same school, this pair shares four out of seven of their classes. “The classes are going pretty well and my sister and I are doing well in our classes,” said Faustina.

Since they don’t have other siblings, during distance learning they usually work in separate rooms and on their own computers at home. However, they still help each other out with things they don’t understand in school.

After graduating with the class of 2022, they hope that they’ll be able to go to the same school for college, but it might be difficult since they have different majors in mind. Faustina’s future plan is to go to a good college somewhere in California or the East Coast.

Flora Wan

Faustina said they share many of the same interests and hobbies, such as “playing tennis, watching TV, reading books, baking, drawing, and doing origami.” They also enjoy other badminton, ping pong, pool, and swimming.

For the Wan sisters, the best thing about having a sibling is having a friend to do everything with. You might have caught a story about them from 2018 about their exceptional tennis skills ( They make a really good tennis doubles team, but there’s still some rivalry for who goes to play as #1 singles.

There are plenty of disadvantages and obstacles that come from being a twin. Faustina said, “There are times that I do get annoyed by my sister. It happens when someone gives us something and there is only one, then my sister and I would sort of get annoyed with each other on who gets/keeps it.”

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