Don’t let diagnosed disabilities hold you back

College focus: Landmark College


Swim in a small pond and be a Shark!

If you believe that learning disabilities have been holding you back, or that they will make college life too hard, Landmark College in Putney, Vermont, may be a school you want to consider.

This campus is designed for students diagnosed with learning disabilities, attention disorders, or autism. “It offers associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges,” according to Wikipedia. Two-year and four-year degrees are available and there is a full range of majors and minors.

Landmark College has been focused on students with learning disabilities for about 30 years, so their programs are well developed, even during the changes imposed by COVID-19. A special Summer College Readiness Program is available for high school graduates. They even provide therapy dogs to help students who suffer from stress.

A high school grade point average of at least 3.15 is the first step to qualifying for the college, according to With the SATs and ACTs cancelled for 2020 and perhaps beyond, that hurdle also does not have to be completed.

Voted Most Innovative College of 2020 AND 2021 by US News and World Report, Landmark College offers creative classes with options to have Pass / Fail results rather than standard grades.

“Landmark College is a collaborative and rigorous educational community, fully committed to serving students who learn differently.” ( Is that the type of college you are looking for as you plan your future? Check them out.

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