The positives are easy to find

Senior spotlight: Speed Samuelson


Speed’s perspective is refreshing.

“My father grew up watching the cartoon Speed Racer. He really liked the show and the name and hence, wanted to give me a unique name, so there you are,” said senior Speed Samuelson.

Samuelson transferred to Armijo from Rodriguez High School’s Voc Ed program in October 2019. Since then, he has enjoyed attending General Ed Art 1 and 2 and PE classes. “I would have liked to have had the opportunity to play football, but COVID-19, unfortunately spoiled my plans,” he said.

It wasn’t the only adjustment that Samuelson has had to make because of the virus.

“From a school perspective, getting used to working with the challenges of virtual learning technology coupled with Wi-Fi issues,” are some of the difficulties he has faced. “And most importantly, I miss not seeing my friends,” he said. Fortunately, he can still pursue his interest in exercising and weight-lifting.

The virus has had an impact on his expectations as a senior as he expressed a concern to not being able to participate in an in-person graduation or to share that experience family and friends.

If we were on campus, Samuelson said that he would like to have the school consider having the weight room facilities open during lunch time, “as I enjoy lifting weights and find it relaxing,” he said. Also, he suggested “having mini snack bars available throughout the campus so that, during passing periods, you could drop by to buy yourself a treat.”

While the future is unsure, Samuelson does know what he would focus on if he were to attend college. “I would like to major in Art,” he said. ”I really enjoy drawing as well as playing various video games.”

Samuelson has an older brother, Rodney, who is in the Air Force. “Both my father and brother are my role models,” he said.

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