Certain protections are required by law


Image by Stephanie Albert from Pixabay

Laws require accommodations for disabled employees and more.

Ziair McElvaine, Staff writer

Not all disabilities are readily visible but those who experience them can fight discrimination through a non-profit agency known as The Disability Rights in California- Sacramento is a Legal Aid organization.

This agency helps the people with disabilities with their rights in 32 different counties. They cover different legal issues like abuse, evictions, and Medical.

Charges of employment discrimination on the basis of disability may be filed at any U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission field office, which can be reached at (800) 669-4000 (voice) or (800) 669-6820 (TTY).

Discrimination is not just related to hiring practices. Title I requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide qualified individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to benefit from the full range of employment-related opportunities available to others. Title 1 also covers religious entities, like churches or mosques, with 15 or more employees. “Title I complaints must be filed with the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within 180 days of the date of discrimination, or 300 days if the charge is filed with a designated State or local fair employment practice agency,” according to https://www.ada.gov/, a guide to disability rights laws put out by the Department of Justice.

These laws effectively protect people with disabilities from unlawful actions, although sometimes they take time to enforce. That is why the timeline for submitting information and complaints is so very important. Often, the actions of one person who has been discriminated against can create a stronger argument for the laws and protect other disabled individuals in the future.

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