Write a Book Review – final draft due by January 19

Monthly writing contest offers cash prizes

Review what you've read over break and win some cash!

Write the World

Review what you’ve read over break and win some cash!

How do we decide what to read? Sometimes a book beckons us with a clever title or flashy cover, but more often we read on recommendation—a personal endorsement from a friend or family member . . . or a stranger who touts their “must reads” in a book review. This month, plant your favorite pages—from fantasy to biography to memoir to history, or any other genre of your liking!—in the hands of hungry readers by telling us what book has captured your heart and why.

Opens: Monday, January 4

Drafts due for Expert Review: Monday, January 11

Submissions Due: Tuesday, January 19

For details about how Write the World works, how to register and how to submit, go to https://writetheworld.com/for_young_writers.

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