Even though they don’t walk like a duck…

National Rubber Ducky Day – January 13


Image by Manfred Reinert from Pixabay

Celebrities, careers or sports, there’s a rubber ducky for you.

Elijah Shackleford, Staff writer

This January 13, we celebrate the lovable duck-like bath pals called Rubber Duckies.

Rubber Duckies, originally designed to help kids be less afraid of taking baths, have instead floated their way into modern pop culture. Rubber duckies have become synonymous with bathing or water in modern media.

Where did rubber duckies originate? It is thought that these bath toys were originally made from vulcanized rubber, a much tougher type of rubber than modern rubber toys. These original ducks were used as a chew toy rather than a bath toy. It wasn’t until much later that they were repurposed as the floating toy we are used to today.

Rubber duckies have certainly evolved from their former selves when they were simply yellow. Today they come in all shapes and sizes, with some depicting celebrities, displaying logos for different companies, or representing various careers. Picking up a rubber ducky that appeals to you could also be a great fashion statement.

These toys have much more use beyond a decoration during bath time. Among other events, rubber duckies used in fund-raising races around the country. Companies and individuals come together to sponsor rubber duckies as they all race down a body of water (usually rivers) with the winner receiving a cash prize.

Even if you don’t know of any upcoming races, consider purchasing a rubber ducky in the spirit of National Rubber Ducky Day. Simply use your chosen rubber ducky as a companion for bath time, or you can always create a DIY race course and race your siblings in real time or on a website like https://www.online-stopwatch.com/duck-race/. Such a small purchase could prove to be worth your while, you might even find a new use for it entirely!

Maybe on National Rubber Ducky Day you can start a collection of those yellow lovable figures or add to the collection you’ve already begun!

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