Candy Cane Lane: a Drive-Thru Winter Wonderland

Photo from a food drive that Candy Cane Lane hosted December 2019.

Joel Rasenbaum (The Reporter, Vacaville)

Photo from a food drive that Candy Cane Lane hosted December 2019.

Leila Harper, Beyond the Gates Editor

If you’ve lived in the area for a while, or at least since last December, you might be aware of Candy Cane Lane. The infamous street route is a beacon of holiday cheer in our little ol’ cluster of cities. Candy Cane Lane (as well as their neighbor, Lollipop Lane) is in Vacaville every year, for the entirety of December.

Candy Cane Lane is a neighborhood of collaborating individuals that decorate their homes for the holidays. Not just regular decorating with your standard lights around the roof’s rim and a scarce blow-up Christmas figure. The people of Arlene Drive and Shady Glen Avenue go all out on their light shows, fake snow, Christmas trees through the window, giant Wintry scenes, and so much more. The dedication of the craft that the homeowners in these areas have is unmatched. You either can drive through the residential road like a holiday-themed car wash or you can walk along the sidewalks for a closer (and chillier) look. Often they have stands of hot chocolate on sale for the visitors, however this year, that might not be a guaranteed luxury.

That being said, the show can still go on! For a little extra pep that the holidays bring people—and the nearing end of the year—Candy Cane Lane and Lollipop Lane is a nice place for a party of fewer than ten to safely experience.

For an overview of etiquette for touring, you can visit: Candy Cane Lane and Lollipop Lane.

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