The first years were less dramatic

Senior Spotlight

Giselle still finds plenty to smile about.

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Giselle still finds plenty to smile about.

Diana Villalobos, Entertainment Editor

Giselle Sanchez has been going to Armijo all four years of high school, although she wishes that her senior year didn’t have to be done through online learning.  Even though her senior year isn’t going as she planned due to the pandemic, she is still trying to make the best of it and is excited for when she graduates.

“I feel good about being a senior,” she said. “It’s an end to this journey but it is also the beginning to a new one. Being a senior is definitely hard during a pandemic because, as a senior, you want to do as many school activities as you can, but with everything going on , we can’t.”

Sanchez has lots of memories from her first three years, but she also has some regrets. While she played soccer during her sophomore year, if she could go back and change something in her high school years, she would have also played the three years she didn’t try out.

One of her favorite memories about Armijo, though, was Ms. Sylvia Herrera’s  garden. “I personally love plants since I do have a garden myself at home,” she said. “I remember how the garden started off with a few plants but now it’s much bigger and fuller.”

According to Sanchez, her best year was her junior year because she focused more on herself and school and was on top of her work the whole school year. She also balanced her time to go out with her friends when there wasn’t any school.

After high school, Sanchez plans to attend UC Davis where she will study to become either  a cardio-thoracic surgeon or a RN ( registered nurse ).

“My overall high school experience was great. I never knew what to expect but I am happier knowing how my years ended up.”

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