Vanessa wants the pandemic over!

Far from Home

Vanessa has learned to enjoy life far from home.

Vanessa has learned to enjoy life far from home.

Vanessa Rivas Ceja used to live in Mexico, but she moved to the United States with her brother and they moved in with her sister in April of 2016.

“My city in Chupio Michoacán is a very small but cheerful town,” she said.

Despite that, she and her family felt that it was necessary to move.

“In my other school I never learned and I feel that you support me more here in this school…What I miss the most is spending time with my mom,” she said. She hopes to return to her home country someday to visit her mother.

The transition hasn’t been easy, and Armijo wasn’t her first school, but she does like being here. “What I like the most about Armijo is that the school is close to my house,” Rivas said. She also likes the fact that “the teachers take the time I need and they always support me in what I need from them.”

She is currently a sophomore, but she already has plans to go to college and then get a job. COVID has been a challenge to those goals. “I want to go back to school,” she said. After graduation, she hopes to go to Solano Community College and get a job.

Although she is not currently involved in any sports on campus or off, she does enjoy spending time outdoors and listening to music in her spare time. Her favorite types of music are Spanish Rap and Romantic. She continues to develop her skills in English.

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