Community Holiday replaced by Donation Drive


Photo by Harold Wijnholds on Unsplash

Make Christmas special for a teen in need. Donate today!

Mr. Casey Towner, Leadership adviser

The AHS family is usually so helpful, generous, and community oriented during this time of year, but this year looks so much different in so many ways! I am writing this letter on behalf of what is usually our “community holiday” event in association with teens helping teens.

Every year we receive 150 wish lists from students in need in our community. Usually we give out these cards to students and staff so that students in need can have the opportunity to receive gifts during the holidays. We usually host an event at our gym where 200+ kids come to play games, make arts and crafts, see santa, and of course receive their gifts!

This year, the Community Holiday Event cannot be held in a traditional fashion, wish lists could not be received as they traditionally are, and we are left trying to help in any way possible.

Our friends at Teens helping Teens have gathered a list of these families in need and plan to hand deliver gift cards in the weeks leading up to New Years. The goal is to collect and deliver 200 $50 gift cards to families that need it. Our partners have asked to try and get the general VISA/Mastercard gift cards so that the money can be spent on what the family needs during the holiday season.

This is not traditional nor ideal. I understand that buying a bike, toy, or clothing for a child in need is much more personal than a gift card, but with the times being what they are we are looking to support our community and the people that need it anyway we can!

If you can donate or spread the word to any clubs you advise, please do so! Mr. Casey Towner, Leadership adviser, will be collecting the cards to give to our contact from Teens Helping Teens. “I am on campus every day and can come to your house to collect the cards as well,” he said. Please contact him at [email protected] with  questions.