The holidays are coming and so are the newest toys and consoles


Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

Oh have the times have changed. The most recent toys have been released, and they are both different and alike to what we’re used to.

Gertrude Etienne, Staff writer

According to Good Housekeeping, the toys that kids love the most are the ones that surprise them, so this Christmas, keep an eye out for mystery boxes, blind bags, and other items that are popular.
Good Housekeeping also said that this year’s trends are toys that involve water, such as those that change color when dipped in water.
There’s a new Little Outrageous Little (LOL) Doll on the market. It comes with two sets of clothes and a pet for the doll. When the doll is dipped in water, it reveals the doll’s secret spy outfit. This will definitely entice many young children. This will meet two of the favorite qualifications for kid-pleasing toys, and can be found for retail for $24.99 at Target.
Kids will really love any toys that will involve kinetic learning and making a mess, especially slime. This year the Play-Doh brand is coming out with a bundle of six variety slime-like compounds including super stretchy slime, krackling slime, foam slime, cloud slime, and, of course, regular slime. You can find this item retailing at Target for $14.99.
Nerf is coming out with another Nerf gun called the Nerf Halo MA40, made in collaboration with the Xbox exclusive video game title, Halo. What’s different about this Nerf gun is that it can shoot 10 nerf darts in a row. This would be a great gift for a Halo fan. You can find this item for retail at Walmart for $49.99.
There’s a new item that isn’t necessarily a toy, but many young girls will love. It’s called the Make-Me-Over Challenge Kit by Alex. This kit comes with non-toxic children’s makeup. You’re supposed to use this kit with friends and family. One person has to wear a blind fold while applying the other person’s makeup. This retails at Amazon for $27.99.
Many older kids and even adults will be checking under the tree for the new Next Gen consoles. The Xbox Series X and the PS5 were released November 10 and November 12 respectively. The consoles sold out as they do every year, but if you can get your hands on them from retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Target, you’re likely to spend about $500. Microsoft did decide to come out with a more affordable version of the Xbox known as the Xbox Series S and it sells for $300. According to, Microsoft said that it has been stated that the Xbox Series X is the most powerful gaming console ever made with processors that clock in at 3.8 GHz and a GPU that has a minimum of 1.875 teraflops making it slightly more powerful than the PS5 and able to compete with state of the art gaming computers. This is a huge advancement in gaming. Although there have been tests ran on both consoles that show that the PS5 has some advantages over the Xbox X when it comes to smoothly running a game, but some have stated it’s because of the new system that Xbox uses and game developers are still learning how to use that new system. So things will get better with time for the Xbox. When it comes to choosing the Xbox or the PS5 it really comes down to whichever you prefer, both are state of the art gaming consoles and perform very well.

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