Learn through the study of the brain

In this class: Psychology

Alaila Morris, Senior News Editor

After studying psychology, students might think that they can analyze and diagnose all sorts of problems, but it takes much more than just one year of the class. Still, it doesn’t help to take the class. Psychology is, after all, the scientific study of the mind and behavior.

Mr. Gustavo Falcon teaches this elective, as well as American Government classes. In Psychology, students learn about different types of behavior throughout one’s life, analyzing and identifying many scenarios, and at the moment, pregnancy and young children’s growing stages are the focus.

Overall, the assignments are pretty easy, usually EdPuzzles, which are videos about a specific topic, followed by quizzes after the video. Students also have to create visuals from time to time, depending on the lesson, and they get to read and annotate key details in chapter in the online book.

Like every class, there are pros and cons. The pros about Psychology are the assignments and concepts are easy to understand and Mr. Falcon grades fairly. He also gives a reasonable amount of time to turn in work.

One of the cons about this class, however, is the group work, being assigned to different Google Meets. The tests and quizzes can also be a little difficult, sometimes.

Altogether, though, this class is very interesting and the information given can be helpful to your personal life or experiences.

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