Local flora to plant in your garden to attract birds


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Invite birds into your home garden with a few choice plants.

Elijah Shackleford, Staff writer

Flowers and birds make a great pair. While some species of birds rely on flowers for food, some flowers also rely on birds for pollination and spreading seeds. This phenomenon viewable in nature can also be viewed in your own backyard! Many species of birds you find in your own backyard rely on flora for survival. Whether it is for nectar-rich plants sought out by hummingbirds or seed-heavy plants enjoyed by sparrows and finches alike, flowers are a big part of many bird diets. Yet due to the heavy drought in California, many of the flower species these birds base their diets on have had their numbers dwindle. This problem can be easily helped with some personal intervention.
Starting your own garden can provide a helping hand for various aviary friends. What you might see as a chore can provide a reliable food source for birds each day, with possibly the best benefit, getting to experience many different bird species that may come visit your backyard. What flowers should you plant to be able to provide for these birds though? Here are some recommendations:

  • Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

    Sunflowers! Almost everyone knows about the vibrant yellow petals of the sunflower, and with their easy care, they’re a must-have for any beginner bird garden. The sunflower also attracts many species of granivorous birds, birds with seed-based diets, such as sparrows or finches and can be found and sold almost anywhere.



  • Image by Pexels from Pixabay

    California Poppies! The California state plant makes a great statement for any aspiring bird gardeners. An easily grown and cared for plant, the California poppy flowers year-round and can be grown under many conditions, and being self- seeding constantly attracts the attention of many small bird species



Image by stephmcblack from Pixabay
  • The California Wild Rose! This rosebush variant can make a nice bird-friendly backdrop for your garden. For being a shrub plant its size can be adjusted to accommodate any type of garden, it flowers throughout the spring and summer to ensure the attractions of any summer foragers.






Many more growable flowers can be found at calscape.org, an excellent site for finding flowers to suit your growing needs.
Growing your very own bird garden is an excellent way to help benefit local avian species, providing a reliable food source that birds are accustomed to, something artificial bird feeders cannot. Support bird species using your flower power today! Plant your flowers today and prepare for a happy Christmas Bird Count Week in December!

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