Using birds as symbols


Photo by Ferdinand on Unsplash

A very common bird that is used to symbolize peace is the dove.

Paulina Sierra, Staff writer

From the Bald Eagle to the dove, birds have been seen as symbols throughout history. They have been used in works of literature and art to portray different meanings. Some birds are usaed to symbolize bad or good luck, life, the future, death, and even as messages from above.
Some birds are often used as symbols of freedom because of their capacity to fly. Each bird that is used as a symbol has its unique purpose. A turkey, for example, can be a symbol of togetherness and sacrifice. Doves have long been recognized as symbols of peace, while swans are symbols of beauty.
“Most of us take delight on seeing a fleet of geese flying in a V-shaped formation, and often take it as a sign of victory.” ( In general, birds are beautiful creatures that can carry important messages to us when we least expect them. In the media, birds can often be seen as logos for products and appear in TV commercials to symbolize the brand or company. Some popular bird logos used for brands include Nestle, NBC, and Twitter.
One commercial campaign in particular positively uses three different birds to encourage parents or caregivers to help their young children talk, read, and sing at an early age. Franco the parrot is symbolized as talking, Orson the owl symbolizes reading, and Melody the blue bird symbolizes singing. These campaign commercials are provided in 15 languages by First 5 California. “The newest iteration of the Talk. Read. Sing. It changes everything® campaign includes a vibrant mix of live action, showing parents engaging verbally with their young children, combined with an original song and some fun animation.” (

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