Listen and learn from family, friends

National Day of Listening – November 27


Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Unplug and listen; discover something new.

Kairi Soungpanya Saechao, Staff writer

On November 27, spend time with friends and family and listen to their stories. After all, it is the National Day of Listening.

Conversations can vary on this special day of give-and-take, but at the end of the day, people will have known or learned about something they hadn’t before. Since it is the day after Thanksgiving, it’s a perfect opportunity to chat with loved ones.

To take part in this national day is simple. One way is to have some sort of way to record whatever loved ones discuss and preserve it beyond the moment. Taking part in this allows people to create stronger bonds with others.

The National Day of Listening gives people a chance to learn what a parent’s favorite childhood memory is, or how clumsy someone close was as a child. Memories with loved ones aren’t always pleasant, but this day gives a way to release those reminiscences, positive and negative, and clear the air.

All in all, this day allows people to learn new things about others and creates secure friendships.

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