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Universal Children’s Day & National Child’s Day – November 20


Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

What did you need when you were younger? Share it with the children in your life.

Dayanara Alvarenga, Staff writer

On Friday, November 20, children hold a special place in our country and worldwide. According to www.nationaldaycalendar.com, both Universal Children’s Day and National Child’s Day are celebrated that day.

These holidays are all about awareness, learning how to improve the welfare of children worldwide. They are a time to celebrate children’s rights and to promote togetherness and awareness of the needs of children.

In November 1959, the United Nations introduced The Declaration of the Rights of the Child by the General Assembly, mapping out the specific rights that should be recognized worldwide. “These rights are to be respected, protected and fulfilled, even during times of crisis,” according to #34 of https://undocs.org/pdf?symbol=en/A/69/62.

Children look up to the adults in their lives for guidance, and it is the responsibility of these adults to protect and shape the characters of these children. A way to observe this day is to spend time with younger children and help them learn new things. After school hours, an afternoon nature walk or a lesson on money management at a local restaurant can go a long way to helping children become productive members of society.

What can you do to honor the children in your life? Share those ideas in the Comments section.

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