Discover Solano County volunteering opportunities

Solano is partnering with Fighting Back for volunteer opportunities in the community.

Solano is partnering with Fighting Back for volunteer opportunities in the community.

Ruth Orozco, Staff Writer

Many volunteer opportunities exist in Solano County, including the food bank, Make a Wish foundation, Solano County Registrar of Voters, and SparkPoint-Solano.

Some organizations are similar, in the way of offering the same type of help if it’s in high demand, but different organizations try to achieve different goals. The mission for SparkPoint-Solano is to provide “basic needs via assistance with housing, food, childcare, transportation, and health referrals. Parenting programs for pregnant women, head-of-households, & their families. Direct intervention and coordination of services provided by our partners and Policy awareness and civic engagement (youth) in addressing social determinants.”

This organization started when representatives “Jane Callahan, Tony Pearsall, Henry Elliott and Cynthia Kay, secured a $2 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support the development of a comprehensive community-lead plan to curtail the substance abuse problems. This Committee and its strategic initiatives sparked the creation of Fighting Back Partnership.” 

This partnership specializes in strengthening families, developing positive youth, ending homelessness, and building successful communities. Students can volunteer as young as 11, but the opportunities are limited. More opportunities become available and for people at the age of 18, and they can be selected based on an individual’s interests. 

It’s surprisingly easy to receive help from SparkPoint-Solano. There are two ways to get help: 1) visiting the office at 505 Santa Clara Street (3rd Floor) in Vallejo, or 2) through their website (

Students who are interested in volunteering for SparkPoint-Solano can apply on this link:  Another way to help is by donating on their page: Click Here to Donate

If SparkPoint-Solano is not a good fit, students can check out the Solano County Volunteer Portal to look at different foundations that need volunteers. 



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