Do you really need to keep it?

National Clean Off Your Virtual Desktop Day – October 17


Photo by Vitaly Sacred on Unsplash

What kind of clutter can you eliminate today?

Chris Sparks, Staff writer

Our computers have been busy since March, and no doubt things have been saved on there that are no longer necessary, so National Clean Off Your Virtual Desktop Day on October 17 is the day for you to get busy with making room for more stuff.

This holiday was first introduced in Ontario, Canada, to help people destress by removing all of the extra stuff that accumulated on their computer’s desktop.

The intense reliance on computers, Chromebooks, laptops and phones for education and entertainment over the last seven months has contributed a lot to what we store, and much of it is supposed to be temporary. Do we really need the class rules from last year’s Spanish class, or the folder full of last year’s math work? Maybe those are some of the things that can be placed into the Recycling Bin on your computer and eventually disappear. Perhaps that slide presentation you did for science or that essay you wrote for English can be moved to your Google Drive to be updated and used later.

It’s time to make a neat workspace so you can take advantage of this year’s contributions and then, maybe next year, you’ll be able to celebrate National Clean Off Your Virtual Desktop Day all over again.

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