A name that gets passed down

All in a Name

Kayla Rhodes, School News Editor

Most students start high school as freshmen before moving up the ranks to sophomore, junior and finally senior, but there are four boys at Armijo who started their Armijo experience as juniors. Actually, they started their lives as juniors.

Traditionally, boys who are named after their father are given the nickname of “Junior” while the father takes on the title of “Senior.” This can sometimes cause problems when people call on the phone or send mail, not knowing the relationships in the family, but it can also show how closely connected the parents are to their own children.

At Armijo, the freshman class is full of juniors: Luis Gutierrez, Gregory Richardson, Michael Aranita Robledo and Enrique “Junior” Ramirez Toscano. Only Ramirez was willing to share information about his name and his life as a freshman.

Ramirez is proud of his connection to his father and prefers being called “Junior,” even at school. He said that he wouldn’t even consider having a different name.

At 14-year old, entering high school during a pandemic, he hasn’t had a chance to get involved in sports, but his favorite hobby is reading. His favorite color is green.

For now, he said that online school is okay, but it isn’t the best way to experience high school.

After graduating from Armijo in 2024, Ramirez is hoping to attend San Diego Mesa College where he hopes to excel in the Culinary Arts program. He plans to become a chef.

Junior Enrique Ramirez Toscano
Michael Aranita Robledo, Jr.
Gregory Richardson Jr.
Luis Gutierrez Jr.
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