Three Simons make a full house

Sibling spotlight

Adilene Ambriz, Staff Writer

“Normally, I wouldn’t try to be in the spotlight,” said senior Danielle Simon. While she admits to being shy, she shared that her twin brothers Isaiah and Josiah are much more outgoing, even though they were unavailable for comment. “If we were all at a party and my brothers were being themselves, I [would be the one who] was being quiet,” she said.

“[We] are different people who have different personalities and needs,” Simon said. “They can want a certain thing that someone else doesn’t and that’s okay.”

Although the twins and their older sister are all enrolled at Armijo, they have yet to share the campus, due to distance learning. This will be the first time they have had to do that, though, for several years, and quite possibly the last time. Not only do they have different personalities, but they also have completely different teachers, so they don’t
have to worry about explaining their family connections when they come back to campus.

Simon was able to share that, when she is not at school, she enjoys being at home, watching TV, hanging with family, reading and sleeping.

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