The Oxford Way

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Image by marlon rondal from Pixabay

Better than even Hogwarts, Oxford provides an unbeatable education with old world charm.

Ziair McElvaine, Staff writer

The University of Oxford isn’t the typical college. It is located in Oxford, England and may have originated as early as 1096. This school is in the United Kingdom and there are many advantages that come with traveling halfway around the globe to attend a university.

This school is in the Top 3 in the entire world in business and economics, and naturally they take a lot of pride in that designation. They also have the best acceptance rate out of those universities. Oxford has an 18% acceptance rate while #2 on the business and economic list around the world. It’s competition? Stanford, which only has a 4% acceptance rate, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is #1 on the list, has a 7% acceptance rate.

Not only does Oxford have an exemplary business program, but they also provide great research experience. They clearly put in the time and effort into this program because they ranked very high in this field as well.

Students interested in attending Oxford need a high school grade point average (GPA) of between 3.5 and 4.0, or better, with at least three Advanced Placement (AP) or advanced classes with minimum grades of 5 (on the AP scale) included. In addition, an SAT score of 1470 or better (out of 1600) and / or an ACT score of 32 or better (out of 36) will increase the applicant’s chances of being accepted, but as an international student, grades at the school must remain stellar Test Requirements.

The school gives out scholarships, too, to make it easier for international students to attend. “For the 2020-21 academic year, the University is offering over 1,100 full or partial scholarships for new graduate students,” according to They also offer work study positions to help with expenses.

While a Californian would be far from home in Oxford, he or she would not be bored. There are local activities like riding in the rivers, hanging out in Radcliffe Square, and so much more. Oxford has 83 university sports clubs, as well as countless college teams and recreational opportunities. The University welcomes the contribution made to student life by clubs, societies and other organizations. “With more than 150 officially recognized societies listed in the University’s Register of Student Clubs, there is something for everybody,” Dalian Delgado shared in a Prezi project her senior year.

Oxford’s teaching style is unique, too, with some classes featuring only a handful of students working with a tutor who is an expert in the field. The “campus” is made up of buildings all over the city. This includes one of the best libraries and the oldest collegiate museums in the world. An Oxford experience is unlike any other education in the world.

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